Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #10

Saturday, 25th February,  2017


As if it’s all over but it’s a new day, this a new blog. And so it continues.

I like to think I’m clever, but I’m not. I’m just surrounded by people who believe in me, and I believe in them.

With what’s in my system. All there is(as usual), is this:


I’m slowly coming round.slightly frazzled but champion all the same. Gonna watch a bit of TV and take it slow. 


Ok. I’ve had enough of that. My lust for food and Guinness has got the better of me so I’m going to pop to the local. I don’t know if I said yesterday but I appear to now be a member of the Riverside Club.

Disappointing meal. I sense more sleep is needed. And relaxing. Just so I can come up, smiling, Sunday morning.

Sunday, 26th February, 2017.


That done the trick. Much more human. Back home, doing Sunday things.


Even though I’ve been pretty much on it, all weekend. I’m kind of tempted to hit the pub. Hhmm. Could do with a companion though.

When I say, I drink. I mean, an out the house drink.


Ok. So. I succumbed. River walked it. It’s a bit dreary but I like that. 

Pure nostalgia. Always is. 

A lovely pint of heavy. Blur the edges. Keep the blues at bay. Time to contemplate, what’s next? 

Break a few more rules. I wonder what way the winds will blow this week? Time shifts in strange patterns. I wish I could predict it’s flow. My love never fades for the things that mean the most. 

My partner in crime, my distant distraction, my ever loving saviours. Please stay forever. Without you, I’m lost.


But, look out John, she’s crazy!

God bless Kevin Rowland’s voice.

Fuck it. While I’m at it. God bless Ben Ottewell’s as well. 

Followed by, the sheer genius of Ben Ottewell’s.


The writings on the wall. I can’t make out what it says because my vision is too blurred. I’m sure it says something concise, amazing and life changing. I hope so. 

Life, is the sack of shit you make of it. So make sure you smothered. That way you won’t have to smell the shit everyone else is covered in.

Let’s end this with something nice?,……meaningful?,…., just something.

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